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Colin Wilks & Co Limited has a growing reputation as one of the region's most effective accountancy firms for individual clients and businesses.

Personal Tax rates 2017-18

Basic rate         20%

Higher rate       40%

Additional rate  45%



Corporation Tax 2017-18

Small Companies   19%

Large Companies   19%




VAT 2017-18

Registration threshold  £85,000

VAT Rate  20%




Personal Allowances & Tax Bands 2015-16



Basic personal allowance  £11,500

Basic rate band £11,501- £45,000

Higher rate tax band £45,001 +







 National Insurance Limits 2015-16



Lower earnings limit  £5876

Primary threshold      £8164

Upper earnings limit £45,000







 National Insurance Rates 2015-16



Employees   12.0% of earnings between the Primary threshold and the Upper earnings limit, then 2.0% of any further earnings

Employers    13.8% of earnings above the Primary threshold

Self Employed: £2.85 per week plus 9% of profits between £8,164 and £45,000 then 2% on the remainder.



Our firm expertly attends to all your taxation and business queries. Thanks to the established expertise of our team, our dedication and many years of experience in consulting and assessment, we can offer you support that you can rely on both with routine matters and one-off decisions.

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